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Cut through the hassles of searching the best Online course platform

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Sometimes, finding a perfect learning course material can be like searching a reference book or journal from a library. Imagine going through a multitude of books, checking each book, and then, selecting a book. Isn’t it a laborious task? Similarly, choosing a reliable eLearning solution from a swarm of available online sources, based on your criteria such as cost effectiveness, scalability, in-depth coverage of concepts, and many more aspects is not that easy.

Being in the e-learning space from over a decade and after a thorough research on the above listed requirements and beyond, we created a multidimensional online Learning platform, “NOBEL LEARNING”. Nobel is one of a kind eLearning platform, wherein people can explore different forms of courses; compare, and then select a learning path as per their requirements. They can also opt to get mentored by a Subject Matter Expert (SME), if required. These and many more such features with a click of few buttons. More importantly, it is an all-in-one learning platform where you can enjoy the quizzes; check your skills by appearing for any test preparatory exam and get your report; choose from a wide range of learning partners across the globe, and then make your own learning path.

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We make sure that once you are on Nobel Learning, all your training and learning aspirations are fulfilled without any hassles. Easy to browse, navigate and compare!

What makes Nobel your perfect learning partner?

Perfect Learning

Nobel has carved a niche for itself in the eLearning domain as it hosts a gamut of distinguished features such as desktop and mobile friendly dashboard, drag and drop interface; secure and private learning; compatibility with various OS, course materials download, certificates & exam branding, and content compliance with SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) and other common standards, and many more features. Besides these, given below are some are some differentiating features that make a learner’s task quick, easy, convenient and fun, putting Nobel in its own league. The features are:

Nobel - A Learning Pedia

We understand the importance of detailed and comprehensive content. Therefore, our course materials contain simulations, Infographics, Games, Quizzes, and other interactive and engaging activities that foster fast learning. Explore our various eLearning Course and training options to understand how you can upgrade yourself or your workforce knowledge . We deploy highly skilled and experienced Instructional Designers, Subject Matter Experts (SME), Graphic Designers, Multimedia specialists, and other experts to explore various aspects of the requirements, and chalk out a design for creating affordable course materials.

Perfect Learning


Pick and Learn Option – No curriculum based learning involved

For those who are interested in upgradation on certain selected options only can go for Pick and Learn option. You can choose your own course materials from our off-the-shelf learning materials – you can be a student or professional. You will find tons of pre-built course materials on various topics of different streams. The learning course material can be a video, audio, text, images, 3D animations, simulation or game based learning.

Quiz Zone

Test Your Knowledge

Are you one of those people, who think they are masters of general knowledge quiz or have tons of information stocked in the brain, depending upon your interest? Well, convince us! Brace yourself for our challenging quiz questions in Quiz Zone. Quiz Zone will surely put your knowledge to test. Maybe you may end up knowing answers for most questions. If not, don’t get upset, as you will learn something new in a fun and interesting way. We have thousands of questions on various topics and subjects of different streams.

Take Your Quiz

Test Centre

Test Centre

Mock Test Centre

Through our test centre, you can check how good you are on a particular subject - anytime, anywhere, by attempting mock test questions. Best aspect of this feature being, you will get graded and results instantly. Thus, you can assess where you stand currently on the chosen subject. Most importantly, these tests are designed in consultation with the distinguished university faculties and Subject Matter Experts, with years of experience. Check your real time score to boost your confidence. It is absolutely free (*terms and conditions)

All under one roof - Learning through acclaimed global partners

Nobel recognizes the need to go beyond traditional in-built course materials. Thus, it has partnered with different like-minded organizations, universities, educational institutes, and experts to offer a wide ranging Partnered Learning Solutions. This platform allows you to compare, check out customer reviews, and ratings on the Dashboard to understand who go beyond conventional course materials to offer the best educational or corporate course materials.

What differentiates this platform from others is its ability to offer rich learning course materials such as video lectures, interactive animations, engaging learning materials, infographics, text, quizzes, games, and many more, all under one roof. All these efforts enable you or your workforce to make the most of your learning and get upskilled. The comparison is not limited to course materials. You can also compare mentors across the globe for their way of teaching, in-depth topic coverage with reviews and ratings before selecting a mentor for enhancing your knowledge.

What triggered us to create a multidimensional, addictive eLearning solution, and how can it help you?

After talking to the students, SMEs and professionals from various backgrounds, we comprehended that learners didn’t want to take up, blindly, a long duration course shelling out hundreds of dollars. Instead they were looking out for something that is short, simple, compact, less time consuming, budget sensitive, and precise course material. So we got down to the drawing board; discussed fresh and innovative ideas with the experts to launch an all-encompassing eLearning solution called Nobel. What separates Nobel from other course materials is its ability to bring the complete classroom activities onto your computer screen in form of various eLearning programs by the click of few buttons.

Through Nobel, learners get unlimited access to thousands of in-house courses that contain a wide range of video lectures, text content, and gamified content. In order to ensure complete understanding of a lesson, we break chapters into small chunks. Each chunk is called module. Once you have finished understanding a module, you can attempt a mini multiple choice test and quizzes, which would test your comprehension on the finished module. Besides, to further deepen your knowledge, you either check out our interactive and engaging simulations or opt to take lecture from an online mentor, one-to-one. Additionally, you can check out course materials related to the required topics offered by our globally acclaimed partners. Thus, through a variety of eLearning options, Nobel offers 360 degree learning to the learners so that they can master their choice of topics to become a knowledgeable and skilled individual at their time and place of convenience.